Do you wear polarizers on rainy days?

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Wear polarized glasses while driving in the rain

Can make vision clearer

1. Rain scatters light on the front bumper

When it rains, when the rain falls on the front windshield, according to the analysis of optical principles, a small part of the photons will collide with the material molecules, change the direction of movement, and cause scattering, and you will see a vast white area when the light passes through the liquid. , can't see clearly.

2. Rain will also reflect light on the ground

In addition, when rain falls on the ground, it will also produce reflections, which will affect our observation of the road surface and cause the driver to not see the lane clearly.

Qi Huating and others published a paper in the journal "Traffic Standardization", "Rainy Night Reflective Lines and Rainy Night Reflective Beads" which mentioned that even if the ground marking itself is a hot-melt reflective material, after being covered by rain, its retroreflection light will also be overwritten, doesn't work.

3. The polarizer has the function of filtering glare and stray light

What if you can't see clearly on the road?

In fact, the scattered light and reflected light encountered on rainy days belong to polarized light.

Wearing polarizers can reduce the polarized light encountered by the vehicle when driving in heavy rain.

The principle of this polarizer is somewhat similar to that of blinds, which can only allow light in a certain polarization direction to pass through. Simply put, it filters out harmful light.

How can I tell if I bought polarized lenses?

Professional polarizer test card

How to judge whether you are buying polarized lenses is very simple.

Use a special polarizer test card to test it, and the test card is usually provided with polarizers. If it is a polarizer, you can see an extra fish in the picture.

It is best to choose polarizers that meet the special requirements for driving

However, if you use it by car, it is recommended to choose a polarizer that meets the special requirements for driving.

According to the test carried out by the National Eyewear Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, our spare tire said that the performance of the polarized mirror of the car is very good, and the performance of the signal light recognition is very good, which meets the professional requirements of "QB /T2659-2004 Special glasses for motor vehicle drivers" . It's nice to use by car.

Even if you drive at high speed for a long time during the day and wear polarized glasses, your eyes will not be so uncomfortable.

If you are short-sighted and wear glasses, you can choose our polarized clips, which can be directly clipped on your myopia glasses and used. You can directly flip them up through the tunnel, which is very convenient.

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